News OpTic Gaming Dominate The Halo World Championship

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Ff2YqqyagAA7eVx.jpg.48aa05b413e9aecae3290792a2d24c54.jpgOpTic Gaming was the favorite to win the Halo World Championship and the dominant team coming into the series with multiple strong performances in the prior tournaments and they did not disappoint. Fans were certainly expecting an OpTic Gaming Championship team to show up this day, but the sheer level of play shown by the team was nearly unmatched as they managed to advance the entirety of the winner's bracket with only a single game lost.

However, a Cloud9 team that was sent to the elimination bracket very early in the event would make a showing once again to take on OpTic and gain a chance to win the Championship. Cloud9 was eliminated in the first round of the series, but stormed through the elimination bracket with a renewed drive to succeed it all and would end up defeating every team on their way to land in the grand finals with OpTic.

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I'm curious as to what the players will do during the off-season as many seem to be discontent that Halo offers such a poor streaming return. Some have already moved to Apex and other games, but OpTic has a nice crate of money now, so will be fun to keep tabs on.