PayPal retires Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Amazon apps


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PayPal has just announced that it will sunset the Windows Phone version of its app starting June 30. The good news for Windows Phone users is that they won't be alone in their misery, as BlackBerry is doing the same for BlackBerry and Amazon Fire owners.

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I'm surprised that Paypal retired the Amazon Fire version of their app since the Amazon Fire Tablets run a modified version of Google Android which has the Amazon App Store, and Amazon apps like Prime, Amazon eBook store, etc. I wonder can Amazon Fire users can still sideload the Android version of the Paypal app into the Fire Tablets. You can also install the Google Play store on the Amazon Fire tablets by sideloading the Google Play and Services app, or installing a custom ROM on the Fire tablet.

I think Amazon retiring the Paypal for Blackberry is not a huge deal since newer Blackberry phones like the Blackberry Priv uses Google Android as the operating system, and more Blackberry Android phones will be released in the future.

This is disappointing for Windows Phone users who use the WP Paypal app because they can't sideload or install the Android version of the App from the Google Play store, and Paypal will most likely not re-release the Windows Phone Paypal app in the future.
That's too bad, but I wouldn't use paypal via mobile really.
That's too bad, but I wouldn't use paypal via mobile really.

I think some people open a secondary PayPal account to use for accepting money on mobile, and for accepting payment from low paying online jobs, and other payments, so their secondary Paypal account usually have no money or very little money in it most of the time, and the Paypal account is not connected to any bank account with a lot of money in it.
I am a little surprised about the Amazon app closure myself, but the rest are expected. Somewhat surprised that they supported Blackberry this long.
Somewhat surprised that they supported Blackberry this long.

Blackberry have some business and government users which may of use Paypal's App to accept payment on their Blackberry smartphone. I'm guessing Paypal's Blackberry app was still being used by some companies, and government agencies to easily send and receive money, but now that most people use iOS and Android, Paypal decided to stop publishing apps for less popular operating system.
Why hasn't Microsoft reacted to this? Does this mean that Microsoft secretly intends to give up on Windows Phone?

I read on a blog that Microsoft is focusing on business phone users, and spending less time on trying to get buyers from regular consumers who mostly buy Google Android, and Apple smartphones.

People can always use's website with a mobile web browser to send and receive money. But, people can't use Mobile payments at cash registers, ATMs, and banks which accept Paypal App.
I'm surprised at the fact that they dropped the Amazon app. Definitely can understand dropping the Blackberry & Windows apps though.