Pioneer just revealed world’s first 4K Blu-ray PC Disc drive


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It’s a 4K age these days. We’ve got 4K video streaming, 4K TVs, 4K monitors, 4K consoles, and, if you’re a Sony fan, even 4K smartphones. What we don’t have yet are 4K PCs, that is, PCs capable of reading and writing 4K content into 4K-compatible discs. That all changes with Pioneer’s introduction of two new Blu-ray drives meant for computers and computers alone. Not only are they able to read from Ultra HD Blu-ray discs, they can also write into BD-R discs for safe keeping.

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This is good news for movie fans with a powerful PC which can handle watching 4K Blu-ray Movie Disc.
Huh, I thought this was already possible.
Huh, I thought this was already possible.

I think older Blu-Ray movies are recorded in 1080P. But, newer Ultra-4K 60 frames per second Blu-Ray movie disc need a faster 4K Blu-ray player, or faster computer with the Pioneer 4K Blu-Ray disc drive in order to play movies in 4K.

Ultra 4K Blu-Ray players and Ultra 4K movies were release during Christmas of 2015.

Triple layer 4K Blu-Ray disc can hold 100GB of data, and have a maximum dis reading speed of 128 Mbit/s Ultra HD Blu-ray - Wikipedia

Playing movies in 4K at 60 frames per seconds without using a lot of video compression needs a very fast PC, disc drive, or a new 4K Blu-Ray Player which can play newer Ultra Blu-Ray disc with a faster read speed.