Gaming Reinvented Pokemon Sword and Shield Won’t Let You Transfer Species Not in the Galar Pokedex

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Earlier this week, new gameplay footage for Pokemon Sword and Shield was shown at E3. This footage showcased various additional parts of the game, and included things such as new Pokemon, new gym leaders and new mechanics not seen in previous videos. It was all fairly minor stuff compared to that in the Directs, but […]

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Dark Young Link

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Understandable. I heard this game is going to push the number of Pokemon to over 1000. That would probably make the game freak out with so much data. It does suck, but I'd rather have that than a game that pushes itself and lags out.

Artisan Vistra

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I don't mind especially if it balances things out but there still is gonna have to be multiple metas because odds are Aegislash is gonna be in and he's busted. But if they take any mon that I like out I would rather wait until the 3DS USUM servers shut down.