Preferred search engine?


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What’s your preferred search engine that you like to use to search things on the internet? Is google your go to search engine or bing? What about duckduckgo?
I use Google cause Bing is ass.
Brave with google perfect combo blocks all stupid things
I use Google and Bing on mobile if I want to keep tabs up. On PC it's Bing unless I want a different search result then I go to Google.
I use Duck Duck Go as they keep information private. But there are times I have to go to Google as Duck Duck Go doesn’t have as big of a database.
How are the search results on duck duck go though? Are they similar to google? I haven’t tried duck duck go, but I do use bing sometimes.
It's not bad. It's nice when they don't filter out information & paid results are not at the top like in Google.
Google would be my go-to search engine as that is the search engine I am used to and that I also find I get the best results on.

Duck Go is one I keep hearing about and I keep saying I am going to check it out but so far, have not but I do intend to.