PrimeTime Breaks World Record for Longest Stream Without Sleep


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On September 1, PrimeTime announced on his Facebook page, where he has over 60,000 followers, that he would attempt to stream for 167 hours without any sleep on Kick. It seemed like he wanted to challenge himself to beat the existing world record, as well as his personal record of streaming for 105 hours.

PrimeTime kept his viewers engaged by playing Grand Theft Auto Online and talking to his viewers during his record-breaking run.

After almost a week, PrimeTime managed to stream for 164 hours with zero sleep, beating ThisFudginGuy's record of 162 hours from two years ago. In his tweet, he said he wanted to attempt to hit 200 hours without sleep, but it seemed like he went offline before going beyond that. ThisFudginGuy also congratulated PrimeTime in chat, saying that he'll have to get back on streaming to try and beat his record. He also claimed that his 162-hour no-sleep stream wasn't recognized by Guinness World Records because he didn't want to pay for someone to validate the footage.
I am impressed with his stamina at being able to play games for 164 hours straight.
This was a huge problem in Japan a few years ago. I dont know why anyone would want to try this.