Multi Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time Remake

Sounds like it has a long ways to go.
yeah but at least sounds much better than the disaster it was before.
Read from nintendolife:

The previous update claimed the project had reached an "important milestone" and now according to this latest report, the remake of the game has been completely "remade from scratch" but is still in an early stage of development.

This rework supposedly includes a "complete graphical overhaul, new animations, mechanics for combat and parkour" and more. The title has also supposedly been "rewritten" and "recaptured in mocap". The same exclusive suggests the original voice of the Prince (Yuri Lowenthal) will "no longer be reprising his role".

Sources have told the outlet a "more prominent update" could be shared by Ubisoft soon, so hopefully the "troubled development" it's reportedly been dealing with is finally out of the way.
new teaser trailer with nothing lol only 2026
and now 33 were fired by Ubi:

“Ubisoft Toronto has decided to conduct a targeted realignment to ensure it can deliver on its ambitious roadmap,” reads a statement to PC Gamer.

“Unfortunately, this will impact the roles of 33 team members who will be leaving Ubisoft. We are committed to providing comprehensive support to them, including severance and career assistance, to help through this transition.”