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    Our new concept, Project Linda, merges the power of the Razer Phone with the comfort of a large screen and physical keyboard.

    Experience the best of both worlds: Razer Project Linda - Ultraportable Laptop Powered by Razer Phone

    This does look like a nice keyboard and monitor dock for the Razer phone for people who also need a simple laptop for using Android apps.

    But, I feel Google Chromebook, or PC laptop With an Android emulator software with Google Play Android App and game support is still better since most of Razer products are expensive. Plus, Chromebooks come with the full desktop version of Chrome web browser which is better than the mobile version because the desktop version of Chrome has support for custom themes/skins for Chrome, extensions like video downloaders, and it also still come with Adobe Flash player which is still needed to watch video and play games on older websites which don't use HTML5 videos or games.

    By using a Chromebook with Android App support or a PC/Laptop with a Android emulator are also not stuck with a Razer Project Dock which is unusable if your Phone gets lost, stolen or breaks.
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