Question: Which do you you prefer, square avatars, or round avatars?

Square avatars, or round avatars?

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I really prefer the traditional square avatars! When I've been doing forums for over a decade, I've always seen them square shaped, *opinion alert* and are more traditional than those round ones that those fancy paid forums always use! *end opinion*
I prefer round. It hides some of the image but it gives a focus to the center and it blends well with a lot of avatars to hide the background.
Square! because Tifa's PLOT is made by a company called Square! though Tifa's PLOT is round lol so maybe both! lol

On a serious note I prefer Square. because it doesn't hide some of the image.
Either or works for me, lol.
I prefer Square Avatars because I can show more of the background picture, and text on the avatar instead of being limited to a circle which has less space than a square which is the same height and width.

A square also shows the entire picture instead of a circle where the corners are missing. I can also add a border or frame design to surround my avatar to make it look like a old fashion Polaroid or postcard picture.

A square avatar can also be used to put a square QR barcode if I want to use my avatar image to share a website link or other information with a square QR code on my avatar.