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    Time for a huge contest for the Gamingforce forum. This contest will be on referrals which means you refer people to this board with a link or by having them place your name in the referral box upon registering. I won't bore you with details so here are the prizes:

    Top prize:

    1 Free video game prize of your choice (max price of $65 dollars), can be anything from a new game (skyirm, MW3, SW ToR, ect.) to a game points card (PSN, Live, Wii channel) to a video game subscription (WoW, FF 11/14, ect.). Plus 1 million GF shards and a awesome award pic. Also a reservation to VIP status which will be in place sometime in the GF future. (pending on your choice, paypal email will be required.)

    Second prize:

    30 dollars via Paypal, 500,000 GF shards, and a award pic.

    Third prize:

    5 dollars via paypal, 100,000 GF shards and a award.

    Special Prize:

    Be the first to refer 100 members with each making at least 2 posts and win 100 dollars and 2 million GF shards!

    Please keep in mind shards (the currency on this forum) can be used to buy PSN/Wii/Live cards in our store.

    Now to win the contest, which is point based you must have the highest amount of points at the end of the contest. Here are the way to earn points:

    -50 points per referred person-

    Additional points that can be gotten from the actions of referred member:
    • 25 points if each referred person makes 30 posts
    • 40 points if each referred person makes 70 posts plus 1 additional point for each post they make after 70.
    • 10 points if referral makes 7 polls (does not count toward the above posts)
    • 3 points for each high score in the arcade their referred person holds when the contest ends. (arcade will be turn off at end of contest)
    • 30 points if a person referral holds 1st place in arcade
    • 20 points if a person referral holds 2nd place in arcade
    • 5 points if a person referral holds 3rd place in arcade
    • 10 points if the referral makes a welcome topic
    • 100 points if the referral makes a helpful suggestion to the site
    • 75 points if referral is owner of a website (forum, blog, ect.) and posts a link back to GF. (link must remain up till end of contest)
    • 1 point if referral sets a mood
    • 1 point if referral fills out at least three things on profile page (age, where you from, psn name, ect.)
    • 200 points if referral makes a donation to the site (at least 3 dollars)
    • 1 point if referral sets up his gamertag in our Xbox live mod
    • 25 points if referral holds 30 reputation points
    • 75 points if referral holds 100 reputation points
    • 100 points if referral holds more than 200 rep points
    • 2 points per social site action referral does (FB like, twitter follower, google +1, youtube watch, ect.)
    • 35 points if referral sets up a GF clan for a video game
    To refer a member, they either need to enter your GF username in the register screen or you can use a link which can be found in your settings page and in the top bar under the 'My Setting' word is a word saying referral which holds your referral link.

    Now the boring stuff, you must post in this topic stating you are taking part in this contest and to make sure GF benefits from this I must ask that at least 10 people sign up. By signing up you agree that you have a usable paypal email, are of legal age to sign up for something like this, have read everything in this post and agree to it, able to receive money and or prizes and that you will not cheat.

    If anyone is caught using duplicated accounts for this contest you will be disqualified and suspended till the end of the contest from the forum. We have mods in place to catch people so don't be a fail.

    All final points will be calculated by me (which will take a week to do at the end) and if you feel there is a problem or believe someone is cheating, please PM me and only me.

    This contest will run for 2 months and will end on April 27th.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask below.

    People in contest:


    Good luck everyone!
  2. Stosh

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    Good luck to anyone and everyone who takes part in it. I'll sit back and make sure everything's pretty okay from the sidelines.
  3. Uncrowned Guard

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    Good luck everyone :)
  4. Skyon Archer

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    Good luck? Nah, I don't need no stinkin' luck . . . I got mad skills to get me by :D

    Oh, alright, good luck to everyone . . . .

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