Report: Toshiba in talks to spin off PC business


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Sources say Toshiba, in a bid to further rid itself of unprofitable units, is considering spinning off its PC business and having it merge with a different PC maker. Speculation has it that Vaio, formerly of Sony, could get involved in this, but the company has denied such rumors. As with many in the industry, Toshiba has failed to make profits from its PC unit in the recent past, and it holds only 2.3% of the global laptop and tablet market.

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It is too bad that Toshiba may spin off their PC business. I never knew Toshiba's PC business was unprofitable.
other brands like HP, ASUS and dell have taken over completely.
It's kind of sad how big Japanese computer makers are doing poorly. Sony had to sell their computer department to another company, and now Toshiba may spin off their computer department as well.

I think Windows 8 and 10 made a lot of people want to hold onto, and fix their aging Windows XP, Vista, and 7 computers because the user interface of Windows 8 and 10 are not as good as older versions of Windows. The new features are not really worth it.