News Riot Games Announces Women's League of Legends Tournament


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League of Legends esports tournaments have been around since 2011, which culminate in a World Championship, or more commonly known as Worlds, featuring teams from various regions. Just recently, Riot Games wrapped up its League of Legends World Championship 2022, where South Korea's DRX came out on top against T1. That being said, there has never been a Riot-sponsored all-women's League circuit in the game's over 10 years of existence. The only ones were hosted by third-party groups in the past.

With Rising Stars, Riot wants to promote inclusion and create more opportunities in esports as it encourages teams, composed of women over the age of 16, to join the League of Legends tournament. For the inaugural event on November 26 and 27, players from the Northern European region, which includes the UK, Republic of Ireland, and Nordic nations, can join the online tournament via Rising Stars NE's Challenger Mode page. Players from other European regions are also welcome to sign up. Qualifying teams will have a chance to win £3,000 in the tournament.

Registrations on Challenger Mode will be open until November 22. According to Riot's press release, the registration will include gender verification by showing documents to prove their eligibility. This will be done in collaboration DivE, an organization that promotes gender diversity in esports. DivE also assists with the operations of Valorant Game Changers EMEA.

I feel like the base of male gamer LoL players can be so toxic this just purifies the game from all harm and I can see nothing going wrong with this agenda.
Women need their own League tournament because they’re not good enough to play with the boys.

Maybe the point, lol. The men will always be far ahead especially when it involves some quick recovery during a game.
Women need their own League tournament because they’re not good enough to play with the boys.
I completely agree with you on this. Unless the ladies decide to join the men's tournament, then it's her or their decision.