Rockchip Light Biz OS (Google Android based Desktop OS) official video


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Rockchip's Light Biz OS is Android 5.1 modified and with a Launcher optimized for Productivity, Multi-tasking, for Android Laptops, Android Desktops, Android Projectors, any Android device for doing work.


Rockchip Light Biz OS looks pretty good. It sort of reminds me of Chrome OS, but with Android App support. It also looks more useful than Android TV since the window size is resizeable.

I bet, there would be a lot of Google Android based operating systems made for desktops and laptops in the future because Chrome OS will soon be combined with Android. Companies like Rockchip will build their own desktop Android devices before Google does, so other companies can get more buyers before Google releases an official Chrome OS/Android Laptop which will get the most buyers because of being a official Android laptop.