Rumor claims Apple’s MacBook Air line is dead


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As part of the engrossing Reddit AMA we highlighted yesterday, a purported Foxconn insider with detailed plans of upcoming Apple products relayed that Apple’s MacBook Air line is effectively dead.

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I think people are no longer as interested in buying super thin expensive laptops now that cheaper tablets, big screen smartphones, and thin Windows, Linux, Android, and Chromebook laptop work as well, and cost hundreds of dollars less than a Macbook Air, and other Apple laptops.

The regular Macbook is also thin, and similar in price, so people may get the regular Macbook with better features, and a newer design.


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The Macbook Air line is obsolete. Its not necessary. For me, it doesnt have the features that the Macbook has and its not that much of a price difference now so what's the point? I get that its cute and thin but like it was mentioned above, so is the new Macbook and I'd rather have a Macbook any day over the Air. I purchased one and I didn't like that it didn't have the disk drive. I know that's common but it was still frustrating to me. Do away with the Macbook Air line. Its unnecessary.