Seeking two moderators for the forum


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To combat recent growing spam on the forum and keep it clean and enjoyable for everyone to use, the admin staff are seeking two more people to join the Uber Gaming Moderators. If you wish to join keep the following in mind,

This is not a paid job! However, if you display excellent skills as a mod and remain active daily, some form of payment may be offered via paypal.
You should be active at least 3 or 4 days per week, ideally though you should come on often as possible to check on any possible spam
You will in no way use your powers to abuse your authority on the forum or break the forum based rules/ToS
You will need to engage with member topics to keep in good standing of public relations on the forum.

If you feel like you can fill this role, please PM Demon_skeith!


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Um ... Uber gaming?
Is that another domain for gaming latest? Sorry if it's a stupid question. Just got curious