PlayStation Sony defends not putting day 1 games on PS Plus


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Also in the Barron's interview, Lempel was asked for his thoughts on Xbox Game Pass, and specifically how the company launches its first-party games into the catalog. Sony does not do this with PlayStation Plus. Lempel said PlayStation Plus is "very different" from Game Pass, but he wouldn't be drawn into talking about launching first-party PlayStation games on PS Plus.

"It comes down to what you're going to get in the service in terms of the type of game and the quality of games. I can't comment on what the competition is doing. But with us, we feel we're offering a great curated catalog of games, as well as other features and services with PlayStation Plus," he said. "It's a very different offering, but it's one that resonated with consumers. Since we introduced the tiers, we've seen a third of the Plus user base opt for the upper two tiers, which was more than we had expected."

The first part of the article is about why they raised the price and well we all know but this is interesting. You wont drop games on release on PS Plus but yet fans are saying PS Plus is lacking something.....
Here's Rich of ReviewTechUSA's take on the matter:
I tend not to listen to him cause he does nothing but complain, lol.