Sony just invented a way to wirelessly steal power from someone else’s phone


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The patent, which was filed just a couple of weeks ago on March 2nd, is titled “Configuration of Data and Power Transfer in Near Field Communications.” It vary broadly describes a system by which two devices could wirelessly trade power via Near Field Communication technology. The patent’s description can be applied to a myriad of gadgets, including appliances, routers, and basically anything that could carry an NFC chip, which includes a pair of smartphones.

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Borrowing power from another device sounds kind of useful if you have a tablet or laptop with a bigger battery.

But, I feel wirelessly borrowing power is kind of unnecessary these days since portable Battery powered chargers can be bought for $10 or more on eBay and Amazon, and wall power outlets are not hard to find at work, school, and homes. Most new cars also have USB ports for charging stuff, or you can buy one of those car USB power adapters for charging phones.
I see this being a big issue in schools, cafes and business.
I see this being a big issue in schools, cafes and business.

I see this wireless power borrowing technology being a security hacking problem since the charging device and charger device can also transfer data when charging over NFC like how some USB chargers and ports can transfer data when the charging device hack the account, username and password for the other device.

One of the reasons, plugging a smartphone, and USB storage drives into a PC is banned at some secure places like banks, government, and police stations is because some smartphones, and USB drives may contain autoplay USB Viruses which can infect computers, and other computers which are connected to the same local network.

Most people who carry a charger and charging cable will most likely look for an unused power outlet on the wall, power bar/surge protector, or use a USB port on a computer or other USB device like a power bar with USB charging port to charge their phone. Most schools where I live usually have a few empty power outlets on their power bar with 10 or more outlets for people to charge their devices while they study, eat, or buy stuff. The USB ports on school computers can also be used for charging.
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