Steam Connection


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Here on Gaming Latest, we have a neat little addon that allows you to connect your forum account with your steam account! Doing so will display your games and the amount of time you've spent on them and compare it to the other users here who also have steam account.

In order to connect your forum account or sign up to Gaming Latest with your Steam account, just click on the xenforo sign in/join button and then click the steam icon on the box that appears:

Follow the prompts and you're done! If you're already a member, just follow the process above and your two accounts will become one on Edge Gamer. PM the admins or ask in the feedback board if you need any help!

Just use the Steam tab on the navi bar to view all information.

If you don't wish to connect your account but still wish to display some of your steam data, you can still use the gamer profiles! (link coming soon.)
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