Super Bomberman R DLC

Super Bomberman R DLC

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    Announced alongside a free DLC drop released today, a future update for SBR will add costumes based on Vic Viper from Gradius, Simon Belmont from Castlevania, and Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. No other info on them was given.

    Today's free Bomberman DLC adds four new stages for Battle Mode: Lagoon features a moving floor which can be used to reach a higher level. White Cross is a crossroad map with slippery floors, Power Zone has all players starting with maximum firepower, and Speed Zone has, you guessed it, all players starting with maximum speed.

    There are also two new accessories for the game including a Crown and a Bomb. You can unlock both using gems acquired in-game.

    Other changes to the game in the latest patch include being able to change the AI's level of difficulty, and you can now change the camera angle in Story mode. You can also now play Battle Mode at 60 frames per second, and a number of other minor bugs have been fixed.

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