The AYN LOKI Is Coming! Low-Cost Ryzen 6000 & Intel Gaming Windows Hand-Helds consoles


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The makers of the Odin Pro Android Gaming Handheld just announced the AYN LOKI and the specs look amazing!
Loki will be available With an AMD Ryzen 7 6800U Or Ryzen 5 6600U chips with RDNA 2 graphics And Intel Alder Lake processor with Intel integrated graphics and priced from $299 up to $799. Looking forward to seeing how these perform for sure!

I like how portable the Ayn Loki is, and the look of the console.

$299 is a nice price for the entry level Ayn Loki Mini Windows handheld console.
Good price but you can get used handheld consoles like the New 2DS LL for cheaper (but might be harder to fix in the long run) and more portable. It really depends on what you want to play, but in general it looks like a Switch with fewer features with a computer interface.
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I think the Nintendo Switch lite cost $199 which is cheaper than this console.

I feel this console kind of look like the Nintendo Swirch Lite.

Repair-ability can be a good reason to get the Ayn Loki console because it runs on Windows 11, so there are most likely a lot of third party parts like CPUs, circuitboards, controller parts, and touchscreens which are compatible with Windows 11.

There are also a lot of games which are compatible with Windows 11. If you have a lot of Windows games, this handheld can be a good choice for a handheld.