The Dual Screen, Foldable Smartphone Is REAL!

Discussion in 'Gadget & Internet Hub' started by froggyboy604, Nov 8, 2017.

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    The ZTE Axon M is one of the most unique phones of 2017 and one of the most unique I've ever unboxed. The ZTE Axon M is the first dual display smartphone I've ever used. It's especially interesting when it comes to enjoying multimedia. The dual screen setup let's you watch video while performing other tasks in other apps. Is the ZTE Axon M the future of Android smartphones? If you had the ZTE Axon M which two apps would you have open most frequently?

    Axon M: Security Check Required

    This phone looks nice, and good for using two apps at once. It will probably be cheaper to buy a regular smartphone, and cheap tablet like the Amazon Kindle Fire 7, and putting both a tablet and smartphone in a binder style case which can hold two phones or one phone and one tablet.
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    I don't expect too much honestly.
    Hardware revolutionises all the time, but usually end up unused since only a very few devices use a certain feature, and are therefore not worth the time to the developers (unless they want a voluntary headache).

    Remember the 3D displays from LG?
    Nobody made any 3D apps just because only one or a few devices out of the thousands available had a 3D display.
    Same with Samsung's screens that flow over the edges, except Samsung keeps pushing this technology to no end.

    In this regard iPhone X is different, it does use a ton of new technologies, but remember that iOS devices are only created by Apple, while Android devices can be made by any company thinkable.
    Therefore, Apple can easily push new technologies and developers will adapt to it.
    This is certainly not the case for Android phone manufacturers, due to the rather closed nature of how Android apps are getting released.

    The PC market is different in this aspect as well, since macOS is the same story as iOS (though you can use macOS on a non-Apple computer), and Linux and Windows can both be installed on any computer you please at any time, and their app distribution policies are far more free.
    And unlike on Android, unique Linux/Windows PC hardware features are generally not meant to be part of an app eco-system, but rather of the OS itself.
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    So this is either a fancy flip phone or a Nintendo DS rip off. A nice concept but nothing amazing here.
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    I think this is more of a rip off of computers with dual-monitor setups which existed before the flip phone and DS which ripped off dual-monitor PCs.

    At least, if one screen breaks like has dead pixels, cracked glass, and scratches, you can still use the 2nd non-broken screen.

    It would be nice if the screens are detachable, and can be used to make 2 phone calls at the same time, or they can be used as walkie talkies.
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    Ookay. At first I thought we were talking about a flip phone which is also a smartphone with dual screen..I didn't know anything about zte axon m. I will look into it sometime
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    I didn't even realize that such a thing was real. It would probably be handy for people who need to run two apps at once for their work. They'll be able to multi-task a lot easier with something like that.

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