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No this isn't clickbait. We built the world's "FASTEST" gaming PC.

I love to try out the Gaming PC in this small car.
A car does not need to be a gaming PC, period.
A car does not need to be a gaming PC, period.

I agree cars don't need to be Gaming PC.

I would be afraid robbers will steal more expensive computer parts like the video card, SSD, and big TV, or use a tow truck to steal the car by towing it away, so they can steal expensive computer parts, and also steal people's files and personal information stored on the hard drive.

There is also the possibility that a hacker can hack into the car's wi-fi signal, and spy on the owner.
Stealing will become easy lol. I remember Tesla gonna have gaming one which can't be stolen.
It's interesting to see what people are doing for PC ideas, from desk PCs to sleeper builds and now cars,'s quite interesting, but so unnecessary! Also, the first thing that came to my mind is how he's going to explain the accident to the police when that invariably happens..."Well, I was just leveling up, and then this car came out of nowhere!"
Lol, I can't fancy playing video games on a car, windows PC, and consoles will always be my preferred option for life. I love staying at the comfort of my home at enjoying gaming, and not in a risky circumstances which gaming on a car can cause.
I think it be a risk too, officers don't like people sitting idle in their car.

I think living in a car is illegal in some places.

At least, people would have to sit outside and open the back door of this mini car to play games while the car is parked.

But, I feel the Gaming PC Car owner risk starting a random street party in a street, and blocking traffic, or being a car jacking victim while playing games outside, and a car theft uses a knife or other weapon to threaten the car owner for the car keys to steal their car.