Tumblr Rolls Out Instant Messaging On Both Web And Mobile


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Tumblr today has launched a feature that its user base has wanted for some time: messaging. The blogging platform has long offered an inbox feature and way for its users to ask each other questions, but now it has added threaded, instant messaging as well. The feature is rolling out now on the web as well as within Tumblr’s mobile apps on iOS and Android.

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It seems every major social networking website or app these days have a messaging app, or feature on their site.

I wonder would WordPress.com, and other blogging sites will launch a messaging app like Tumblr which was originally a blogging themed social network.
Hrmmm, a nice add. I'll have to check it out and see if Tumblr is more usable now.
Hrmmm, a nice add. I'll have to check it out and see if Tumblr is more usable now.

Why wasn't Tumblr usable?

I did not really like Tumblr's community, and posts by members, so I rarely used it. Most of the post were mainly Animated Gifs, and MEME Pictures with Bold Text.
there really wasn't many options for tumblr for anyone to give good public feedback.

There is an option to turn-on comments on posts, and people can always Like or re-posts your posts on their blog easily by clicking a button. There is also an Ask Me Anything service similar to forum's Private Message/PM feature.

But, I found Tumblr commenting system not as good as WordPress, and other blogging platforms. Plus, the lack of real-time messaging in the past made it harder to get and give good public feedback.
It seems like a good feature, but tumblr's user interface still looks very messy too me. Maybe it's just not my type of social network. I don't know.

I agree Tumblr's user interface seems messy, and turning on comments for posts, or disabling them seems tougher. I kind of like WordPress blogging platform more than Tumblr, and Twitter seems like an easier micro-blogging site than Tumblr.
I guess its another strategy to just try and get more users to join their sites and try to become like the bigger social networks like FB & Twitter
So, basically, now you can PM people on tumblr, right? This is gonna be an opportunity for spammers to invite tumblr users to check out their sites, forums, youtube channels etc.

There is probably an option for Tumblr members to not allow Tumblr users not on your Tumblr friendlist from sending you messages until you accepted them as your friend on Tumblr like how Twitter requires both members to follow each other before they are allowed to send and receive DM Direct Messages from each other.