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RPGs that only an ATLUS can give.
looks good, read more stuff:

■ Story and World

A fallen prince shall rise again, ring of legend lighting his path…

The story takes place on the continent of Fevrith, a land home to five nations—Cornia, Drakenhold, Elheim, Bastorias, and Albion—inhabited not only by humans, but also by other races such as elves, angels, and a race of beastfolk known as bestrals.


Unicorn Overlord

Unicorn Overlord

Unicorn Overlord

Unicorn Overlord

Unicorn Overlord
After Cornia’s General Valmore rebels against his nation’s royal family, he starts a war that will soon tear the entire continent apart. Alain, the protagonist of the game and prince of Cornia, flees from his home during this uprising and is chosen to lead the Liberation Army that will free all subjugated lands of Fevrith. Ten years have passed, and with the legendary Ring of the Unicorn in hand, Alain raises the flag of rebellion to lead his people to freedom.

Unicorn OverlordUnicorn Overlord
■ Characters

Alain, The Protaganist

“The people of Cornia are suffering, Lex. Should I turn a deaf ear to their voices… I would have little and less claim to the crown I feel is mine.”

Unicorn Overlord
Crown prince of the fallen kingdom of Cornia, and son of its queen, Ilenia. After losing his mother at a young age amidst Cornian general Valmore’s rebellion, he was ushered to the island of Palevia by the knight Josef, who taught him sword and strategy alike until the age of 17.

Scarlett, The Protagonist’s Ally

“I’ll do everything I can. As is my role as a priestess of the Palevian Church.”

Unicorn Overlord
A priestess of the Palevian Orthodoxy who, after training tirelessly from a young age, now tends to the cathedral on the island of Palevia. In the end, she opts to leave the island and join Alain on his journey.
PLOTS look good too lol
Unicorn Overlord looks like a nice classical style RPG. I like the graphics which look similar to older style 2D rpgs.
Read more stuff from techraptor:


We start with meeting several characters including the spy Travis, the witch Yana, the knight Clive, the spear-armed Chloe, the former knight Hodrick, and the noble Mélisande.

We also get to take a look at the map of the continent of Fevrith, which includes five nations, Cornia, Drakenhold, Elheim, Bastorias, and Albion. They're currently under the rule of the Zenoiran Empire.

Moving on to gameplay mechanics, we get to see how we can freely roam the map while tackling the various events we encounter. We can fight battles, liberate and utilize towns, place garrisons, recruit new allies, and more.

We can take on quest battles, which will provide rewards when cleared. There's also a quest log to keep track of the missions you have found.

There are town liberation stages after which you can use various facilities within towns, also removing local enemy patrols making exploration easier.

Rebuilding towns damaged by the Imperial army requires the delivery of materials, which activates the useful facilities mentioned above. Rebuilding large fortified towns also unlocks an inn where you can enjoy meals. This is a Vanillaware game, after all, so expect food to play a relevant role.

You can gather a variety of items out in the field, including those required to rebuild towns. After completing a number of stages, the items will replenish, allowing you to gather them again.

Placing garrisons in liberated towns will grant rewards when you complete a stage and will also activate the automatic collection of items around the location.

In the forts, you can conduct mock battles between your units and expand them with additional soldiers. Various features in the forts require a certain level of fame, which can be acquired by earning medals from battle stages and deliveries.

As your fame increases, you'll be able to hire mercenaries and even customize the color of their outfits.

If you meet enemies on the field, you trigger a battle. Defeating the enemy units will earn you XP and medals, but suffering defeats will automatically return you to the territory you previously liberated. You should be careful about overextending.

Lastly, another activity you can perform is mining. You can access a dedicated minigame by paying money, and obtain ore and other materials.
New video:
Wonder if the game has FE style Waifu dating stuff too lol