[updated]G4 Covers The Supreme Court as it Addresses Violent Video Games


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The big day is almost upon us, folks. On November 2nd, the Supreme Court of the United States will consider whether video games should be afforded the same First Amendment rights as other forms of entertainment, as presented in the case of Schwarzenegger v. Electronic Merchant Association/Electronic Software Association. As you’d expect, G4 will be bringing you all of the latest from Washington D.C. with regards to this landmark case.

First, you’ll want to make sure you tune into X-Play tonight at 6:30PM EST. Get the scoop on what the big SCOTUS case is all about, and what the far reaching implications could be should the Supreme Court uphold California’s anti-violent video game law.

On November 2nd, you’ll be able to find out exactly what went down in the court room during the case’s oral arguments, as well as analysis and discussions about where the games industry goes from here, on G4tv.com. And be sure to check out Attack of the Show, where Adam will be appearing via satellite from D.C. to recap the day’s events, and bring you all the latest details.

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be interesting to see how this goes down, may the supreme court rule for the gamers.


Mori Hater
I swear to god if violent video games get banned, I'm going to go ape shit on this country and leave. EVERY FUCKING VIDEO GAME HAS VIOLENCE. Ranging from Mario to Grand Theft Auto. Get over it, it's virtual! Protest war or some shit like that. Your ruining OUR fun!