[updated]Mario Sports Mix is more then just mario characters


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Square Enix is the developer of the latest Mario sports game, Mario Sports Mix. And just as they did with DS's Mario Hoops 3-on-3, they'll be bringing a little bit of Final Fantasy into the Mario universe.

Nintendo has confirmed that Ninja, White Mage, Black Mage, Cactuar and Moogle will appear in the game as playable characters. They'll be joined by "Mii," which seems to imply that you'll be able to use you own custom Mii character.

You can see videos of these characters at the Japanese official website character page.

There's one additional character slot left at the official site. "Dragon Quest" appears in the copyright notice, leading to some speculation that Slime or another major Dragon Quest series character could make it in.

Japan gets Mario Sports Mix on November 25. The game is due for other regions in 2011.


this game just got more interesting.


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Nintendo revealed the identity of Mario Sports Mix's last character today. Joining the Mario characters and Final Fantasy characters will be a character from an entirely different franchise: Slime!

The iconic Dragon Quest series enemy will be playable as a "tricky" type character. He won't face off against his armed opponents on his own, though. It looks like Slime can summon some of his multi colored Slime friends for assists.

With Slime, the final roster for Mario Sports Mix reads:

* Mario
* Luigi
* Peach
* Daisy
* Koopa
* Koopa Jr.
* Wario
* Waluigi
* Yoshi
* Toad
* Donkey Kong
* Diddy Kong
* Ninja
* White Mage
* Black Mage
* Moogle
* Cactuar
* Slime
* Mii

The Square Enix developed Mario Sports Mix hits Japan on the 25th. Releases outside of Japan are planned for next year.

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