[updated]Sly 4? inFamous 2? What could it be?


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Sucker Punch, makers of such fine games as the Sly Cooper series and inFamous just posted a tease on their Twitter. It said:

"Today is a very exciting day. We've been holding a big secret for the the last two years and at GDC later today...We get to tell you all about it :)"
Speculation points to their big announcement being Sly Cooper 4. It was teased in The Sly Collection, which further adds fuel to that fire. There have been rumors it could be multiplayer for inFamous 2. It could also be a completely new IP. Could it be a new game for the NGP perhaps? If given the choice, what would you want them to announce later?

We have staff live at GDC 2011, so stay tuned for the big announcement!


I'll update this post when they make the announcement.


UPDATE: Sucker Punch has just revealed that the big announcement is an unexpected feature for inFamous 2: user created missions. It seems inFamous 2 is joining the ranks of Play. Create. Share. and allowing players to create missions by placing event triggers and enemies around the city. Once you make your fan fiction masterwork and upload it for the world to see players can jump into simply by walking into the missions starting point while playing the game's campaign. Of course there are filters so you won't have to wade through a bunch of platforming type missions if all you want is something more shooting focussed.

Sucker Punch says that you can make just about any type of mission you can think of with the creation tools provided and anyone who wants to test that statement should keep Early April marked on their calendars since a limited public beta is scheduled to go live around that time. Sucker Punch promises to have more details on this released March 14th so keep your eyes on GamrFeed for further details.

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I hope it's a new IP (which I would appreciate if someone told me what that stood for). I am not too big on Sly, and I still need to finish inFAMOUS 1.