E3 Uplay+ Subscription Service for PC


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Ubisoft has announced Uplay+, a subscription service that provides access to Ubisoft’s PC games library for a monthly fee.

For $14.99 per month, Uplay+ offers over 100 games, including the developer’s latest releases. Watch Dogs: Legion and Ghost Recon Breakpoint have both been confirmed for the service, and will be available to play through Uplay+ when they launch.

In addition, Uplay+ covers all bonus game features like DLC and expansions. For example, when Watch Dogs Legion launches, it will be the premium version of the game available for Uplay+ subscribers.

Uplay+ launches on September 3 in North America and Europe. The service is also due to come to Stadia in 2020.

Ubisoft is the third major company to provide a subscription service. EA’s Access service launched in 2014 and rolled out on PC a couple of years later. Microsoft soon followed with Xbox Game Pass in 2017, offering a variety of first and third-party games for a monthly fee. This year the same service was targeted specifically at PC players with Game Pass for PC.


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Am I the only one who not a fan of this sort of subscription model?

What if a game get removed from the subscription perk later on?