VLC media player adds support for Google Chromebook/Chrome OS


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Now you can run a version of the popular VLC media player on a Chromebook or Chromebox.

VLC for Chrome OS doesn’t look exactly like VLC for Windows, Mac, or Linux computers. That’s because this is basically a port of the Android version of the app, made using the tools that Google makes available for porting Android apps to Chrome OS.

Chrome OS has its own built-in media player that lets you play some common media formats. But VLC for Chrome OS has a more powerful feature set, support for a wider range of audio and video formats including FLAC and MKV, and support for subtitle files, playlists, and internet video streams, among other things.

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This is great news for Chrome OS users who download or torrent video and audio files where downloaded media files are sometimes encoded in MKV, Divx, FLV, FLAC, OGG etc which VLC can play.
I like K-Lite codec Pack as well. It can play almost any video and audio format. But, VLC is a nice alternative video player for older computers.
What other video players are available for Chrome OS? Can Chromebooks even play videos at all other than browser-based ones?

There is the default Chrome OS video player, Google Play Movies, and TV player, FLV video player, Plex, and a bunch of less popular video player apps at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/video player?_category=apps .

Yes, the Chromebook can play video outside of the browser. I played MP4, AVI, and other video file formats which I downloaded to my storage drive on my Chromebook with the default video player which comes with Chrome OS.