Wario Land 3: The Master Quest!


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Project thread on Wario Forums: (Are links to external websites relevant to the topic allowed here? If not, let me know and I'll get rid of it!)
Full details are there!

This is my Wario Land 3 hack, The Master Quest! It has various level changes to make the game more challenging! The skull tile will be your worst enemy as if you touch one, you will be sent back to the title screen! It is recommended that you use the 'SAVE' function in the pause menu, as it will create a 'restore point', so if you get sent back to the title screen, you will start back at the point where you last saved! Can you get all 100 treasures and 8 musical coins in all levels?
(Sorry about this, it is tough to simplify a very long description into a few words... heh... plus I'm tired, lol)

Release number: 003

Give it a try if you want! Remember to apply the IPS patch to a clean Wario Land 3 ROM (Not included)! Recommended dump: Warioland 3 (J) (M2) [C][!]
Enjoy! :)



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Saw this on Wario Forums, nice to see it posted here too.

Maybe I'll try it at some point, probably after the dozens of SMW mods I downloaded during C3 this year.