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Project thread on Wario Forums: (Are links to external websites relevant to the topic allowed here? If not, let me know and I'll get rid of it!)
A topic on this silly hack:
Full SOME details are there!

The NEW main project page:

This is my Wario Land 3 hack, The Master Quest! It has various level changes to make the game more challenging! The skull tile will be your worst enemy as if you touch one, you will be sent back to the title screen! It is recommended that you use the 'SAVE' function in the pause menu, as it will create a 'restore point', so if you get sent back to the title screen, you will start back at the point where you last saved! Can you get all 100 treasures and 8 musical coins in all levels?
(Sorry about this, it is tough to simplify a very long description into a few words... heh... plus I'm tired, lol)

Release number: 020

Give it a try if you want! Remember to apply the IPS patch to a clean Wario Land 3 ROM (Not included)! Recommended dump: Warioland 3 (J) (M2) [C][!]
Enjoy! :)


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Saw this on Wario Forums, nice to see it posted here too.

Maybe I'll try it at some point, probably after the dozens of SMW mods I downloaded during C3 this year.
Thanks! I am longing for anyone to do a full let's play of this hack on YouTube... That is the biggest goal of the hack!
Aww, but that's not the same... I can still do it though, but I would love to see someone else play it! I always try to avoid any kind of excessive begging, because really! I will probably make a few videos of it (I do silent let's plays, look up Tiger21820 on YouTube) so people can see what it's like! I still hope someone ends up doing a 100% completionist playthrough of it someday!

Edit: I started a let's play on YouTube! Head over to my YouTube channel to see! I won't embed any videos, because I don't know whether I am allowed to or not... The whole playthrough has been recorded! Each part will be released each day! Part 2 is out, so take a look if you want!
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Update: Since there have been others who have done speedruns as well as a 100% run of this hack and uploaded them onto YouTube, these videos have effectively been rendered obsolete, as they come from an obsolete version of the hack! As such, the uploading of parts 3 & 4 have been canceled!

Well, it's been a while since I took down my Wario Land 3 Master Quest 100% Playthrough videos from YouTube due to "reasons", but I recently decided to re-upload them at a place where they can be preserved for all eternity, where there is no threat of take downs, channel strikes that kill your channel, or content ID, and what better place to upload them to then the Internet Archive! It will be a 4 part series of around 5 episodes per part per two days (since it taking longer watching them upload on your screen than watching grass grow in your backyard!)! So YEEEEEEEAH!

By the way, this video series is based on Release 003, I plan to record ANOTHER playthrough (May the Faerie of Frozen Flame have mercy on us all) on (Maybe) Release 005, so you may look forward to that as well! Those will be on the Internet Archive too! YouTube is OVER!

Quote from discord:
Tiger21820 said:
The first part of a 4 part series of re-uploaded Wario Land 3 Master Quest playthrough videos is now on The Internet Archive! It contains episodes 0 to 5! Part 2 will start uploading tomorrow! It will contain episodes 6 to 10! Watch here:

Current upload status:
Part 1 (Episodes 0 to 4): OK!
Wario Land 3: The Master Quest (Release 003) 100% Playthrough by Tiger21820! (Part 1) : Tiger21820 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Part 2 (Episodes 6 to 10): OK!
Wario Land 3: The Master Quest (Release 003) 100% Playthrough by Tiger21820! (Part 2) : Tiger21820 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Part 3 (Episodes 11 to 14): CANCELED
Part 4 (Episodes 15 to 16.5): CANCELED

Link to the Nintendo 3DS Central version: Wario Land 3: The Master Quest 100% Playthrough Video Re-Upload! - Nintendo 3DS Central
Link to the Wario Forums version: (Development Suspended Indefinitely) ROM Hack: Wario Land 3: The Master Quest!
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Guess what! Release #007 is FINALLY OUT!
This is the first public release since 2019!!

The updated release is in the first post!
I just for a moment thought of making a "Special Tiger Edition" of Wario Land 3 The Master Quest, but quickly decided against it for 5 reasons:
1. It would be too hard; Wario has TOO many frames that are larger than 16x16 pixels (Which are how large Tiger is)! It would take far too long to copy and paste each and every sprite from other hacks that use Tiger as the playable character (Plus I'd have to draw some new ones too, though it can speed up the process by using existing ones!)!

2. It would be tough trying to get the many of the reactions to work with Tiger as he is a Faerie who specializes in Fire & Ice powers in which he cannot be burned or frozen, and can fly, so many of the reactions wouldn't flow well except those where he uses fire and ice powers or flies

3. Tiger filling the role of a greedy treasure hunting bureaucrat would be out of character for him! Tiger has a pure heart which can know no hatred, malice, or evil, something Wario clearly does not possess!

4. The story wouldn't work: There is a psudo-Tiger (Hey, hackers need cameos in their games!) at the end who is trapped in Rudy's diabolical (and sealed) body, and Wario has to save him! I would have to re-write the script to work! And who's going to be in Rudy's body? WARIO!? Which brings me to my final (And most important) reason:

5. There are just SOME THINGS you JUST CANNOT DO, and removing Wario from a Wario Land game is one of them! I have ABSOLUTELY no problem removing Mario from a Mario game, or Link from a Zelda game, but Wario from a WARIO GAME!? No way! Wario and CM30 CM30 would not be having ANY OF THAT!!!
I know I said that Wario Land 3 Master Quest was finished and would no longer be developed on a regular basis except to update the Hall of Fame or fix bugs, and I made a mistake in the level design in E4 The Colossal Hole, so I needed to release a fix, so... Release #011 is out! Yaaaaaaay... Now can I be done? Will all of you try and complete it now? WILL SOMEBODY BEAT MY RECORD OF 169 RESTARTS!?
HAPPY NEW YEAR! I lied when I said Release #010 was the final release! The REALLY final release is now! So as a New Year's treat, behold! Release #012! Someone special will make a cameo appearance (Which ended up shifting a few treasures around, but that shouldn't be a problem for runners!)!

Now I HOPE I can retire the hack now! Can you please play it now? Don't let my retirement be in vein! Actually, I don't care! Do what you want! I'M FINALLY DONE!! YIPPEE!!!

In case anyone is interested in looking at all the previous releases, they can be found on this Nintendo 3DS Central topic (You will need to be logged in to view them!): Wario Land 3 Master Quest!

Or this link (You need to be logged on first!): https://www.nintendo3dscentral.com/phpBB3/download/file.php?id=136
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Release #014 is out! Congratulations to SoapAgent for his 163 death 100% run, beating my once unbeatable 169 death count! The hack is finally retired!
Ooh Wario Land 3 is one of my most favorite GBC games! I'll definitely give your hack a go, and let you know what I think about it! I also love rom hacking, so this is perfect. :) I'm not gonna lie though, I've never beat the original game so I have a feeling I might struggle to beat your hack. xD