Weekend Video Games?

I'm going to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition this weekend.

Another player, might have to make a tournament soon.
I'm looking at playing Stray today and tomorrow. I need something not too long to enjoy for the weekend.
I used to play division 2 all the time during the weekends, but now its 'ghost of tsushima' for ps4.
played a little bit of this game called 'Shenmue' on PC. Had to do some chores over this weekend, but at least I played for a little while.
If I have more time at the weekend I tend to play games that I end up getting addicted to easily.

Games such as Destiny 2 are perfect for the weekends for me if I have more time to play.
Weekend video games are the ultimate escape! They offer us a chance to explore new worlds, challenge ourselves, and connect with fellow gamers. Let's make the most of this precious time and create unforgettable gaming memories together. Happy gaming, and have a fantastic weekend!
I don't normally get the weekend's off but I have been consistently playing Hogwarts: Legacy every time I have a day off since the middle of May.
I don't always get the weekends off at my job. Even if I do get the weekend off, it's because I'm on vacation and my hubby and I are normally doing something together when I'm off. What gaming I do get in over the weekend, I'm still playing Luigi's Mansion 3 on my Nintendo Switch.
I also love the fact that Luigi's Mansion 3 is a co-op game. I've been playing it with my husband, and we've been having a lot of fun working together to solve puzzles and defeat ghosts.
I went in hard on Hogwarts Legacy this weekend. It was worth it.