What are you listening to right now?

I'm not listening to anything right now, however, my hubby is watching tv so I can hear that playing in the background if that counts.
I'll let you know - David Hazeltine
Nothing yet. It's silent in my house right now. Enjoying a day off. Fixing to go make myself some breakfast.
Spore Hero Arena OST.
The tv. I believe my hubby is watching SportsCenter on tv. He's usually watching SportsCenter or the News when he gets up in the mornings.
car masters: rust to riches [gotham garage] on Netflix. Been having this going on in the background while I play PC games. haha
Tales Of Arise OST "Blue Moon":
Watching the movie 'Air'. Its playing in the background. haha
some lo-fi music going on in the background. Not sure the artist. just something to lounge out to.
listening & watching the movie titled 'conan the barbarian'. its an old one
background sounds of 'horizon in the middle of nowhere'. Episode 10