What do you dislike most when playing online multiplayer racing games?


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In some online multiplayer racing games like Asphalt 8 for Google Android, I dislike most that other players can use real money to buy faster car, car upgrades, power ups to make their car faster for many seconds after pressing the boost button, and spend money on upgrades to make their car have much better handling.

It is almost impossible to win a race against other multiplayer racing games players who spent a lot of money on a faster car, better car upgrades, and buy a lot of boost and power ups for their car.
Well, there isn't anything that I dislike....but I do find the blocking path strategy to be annoying.
Never mind....it was a very long time ago....
I guess being realistic like when your car crashed in the game or someone else you get respawn instead saying it as game over hehe sorry >.<
I feel playing with people with a bad internet connection can be annoying since their car's position is not accurate, so it is difficult to know where they are on track, and the gameplay feels laggy.
People not racing and hitting you/blocking you. And then you have the idiots that decide to turn around and go the other way to crash into the people near the front. GTA has this problem quite a lot
I hate losing that's for sure. I know there are a lot of skilled players that beat me in racing games and I usually always come 2nd or 3rd, very rarely I'd get a 1st but that's only because I am not a huge racer gamer fan!