What you think of Android Gaming tablets/console small amount internal storage space and MicroSD?


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I feel it is okay to have less space like 8 to 16 GB of space on a cheaper $200 Android gaming tablet or console as long as it has a MicroSD memory card slot. Users can always install a bigger size 64GB or larger MicroSD memory card into their Android gaming tablet or console with MicroSD memory cards which can be very large in size like 512GB.

I rather use my own MicroSD card to install games onto because I can pick a faster MicroSD Card which is Class 10 and 100 MB per second data transfer speed.

I feel it is more important to have a faster controller, screen, CPU, video chip and more RAM instead of more storage space in a cheaper $200 Android gaming device. I can always add more space by installing a MicroSD card, or root and mod an Android device to run games off a USB flash drive or hard drive.
64 GB storage these days do seem far too expensive for some odd reason.
64 GB storage these days do seem far too expensive for some odd reason.

I think fewer people buy 64GB phones, so they become more expensive because smartphone makers can't sell as many 64GB smartphones.

A lot of smartphone users who want to save money will choose to buy a smartphone with 32GB or less internal storage, and use a MicroSD card or USB drive to use to install bigger apps, and games.

I seen online videos of users rooting their smartphone, and installing Android and all their apps and games onto a larger size 64GB or bigger MicroSD memory card which is inserted into their phones MicroSD slot. Some smartphone users also use root USB app storage programs to install bigger apps, and games onto a USB flash drive which is plugged into their phone's Micro-USB port with a Full size to Micro USB On-The-Go/OTG converter cable.
Well, not so sure about what to make of them.
They are alright and many devices support memory cards with higher storage than the recommended storage.
So.....I know it's not safe but....
I feel Android gaming devices can be good for playing game streaming games which are stream from a Gaming PC or Game streaming website server since the games are either stored on a PC or web server.

I prefer installing my games on a MicroSD card because I feel my internal storage chip on a gaming smartphone/tablet won't wear out as fast from always running games and big apps off the Internal storage chip which is more expensive to replace than a MicroSD card.

I can also re-use the MicroSD card when I get a new Android smartphone/tablet.