Xbox One What's a better buy an Xbox One, Xbox One S or an Xbox One X?

Discussion in 'Xbox Forum' started by Kakashi2000, Jun 15, 2018.

  1. Kakashi2000

    Kakashi2000 Active Member Full GL Member

    So it's a choice between the three Xboxes, the...

    Xbox One which was released in 2013, its bulky but it won't break that easily, it's also very reasonably priced nowadays.

    Xbox One S, released in 2016, well it basically has all the functions of Xbox One, some differences in the color, controllers but basically they just made the unit smaller. Some say graphics are better, while some say it easily breaks.

    Xbox One X, released in 2017, this is smaller and more powerful and more expensive. It has the latest innovations in gaming consoles and 30 percent more expensive than Xbox One S.

    Which of the three do you think is the best buy since all of them can play all Xbox Games?
  2. Danielx64

    Danielx64 Well-Known Member Full GL Member

    If I had to buy one, I would go with that latest one, knowing that some older games can be played on it :)
  3. NameGervin

    NameGervin Well-Known Member Full GL Member

    Don't go with the Xbox One X, latest system means they added more bugs to that system. It's new, sure it's powerful but surely it has bugs and down size that will yet to be discovered. Just go with Xbox one and or Xbox one S, they are a bit cheaper. But at least they had been there for years and had been tested. Sure they are bulky but you are going to stare at the TV and not on the console anyway. But if you have money and want future proof then go with the Xbox One X.
  4. Demon_Skeith

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    Depends on how you want to run things, the XoX is the strongest but the earlier ones would be more stable.
  5. Jerrar

    Jerrar Well-Known Member Full GL Member

    It depends on if you have a 4k tv or not. And if you are willing to get one. If yes, then get the X. If not then the One S will suffice.
  6. Dan The Man

    Dan The Man Active Member Full GL Member

    Only the original can play kinect games without a very expensive/discontinued adaptor for the cheap kinect. Not that thats a deciding factor for 99% of ppl, but worth noting.

    If you have or plan to get a 4k tv get the x for sure. if not the original is fine.

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