Where do you buy your games?


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Are there any particular websites you download them from? Buy a DVD from a local shop?
We prefer DVDs & get most of ours from Ebay. I’ve seen some websites but we are picky at where to download items from, not just games. You never know when it would be a spam site.
So, list some places you buy yours from. That can also help others who are looking. I always prefer having references from others. Safer that way.
I'd rather support a retro game store for old games than say eBay, but for new stuff or Retron-like devices, I might look for new ones online.
Well, when I bought Hogwarts: Legacy, I had purchased it online and it was delivered to me. But I think I ordered it through Best Buy....? I can't remember. I'm doing good if I can remember what I ate for lunch yesterday.
Target or the digital storefronts on the consoles.
Been sticking with Amazon or the PlayStation store recently.
I bought games from Amazon, Toys R US, Bestbuy, and EB world. I also bought a few mobile games from Google Play.
I have only purchased games digitally for quite some time now. I normally prefer physical media, but for gaming, it is just much easier to go the digital route. Steam is my go to on PC and Game Pass is generally enough for my console and also helps out on PC.
I remember I used to buy used Playstation games from movie video rental stores.
I used to to eb but they seem to have turned into a toy store. Forcing me to go to walmart to purchase.
Steam is my favourite option for buying video games. I haven't looked for any game which I needed to purchase for it not to be available on Steam.