Will New Chromebooks which can run Android apps be called a different name in the future?


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I think it is possible that some Chromebooks, which can run Android apps, will be renamed to a different name like Google Play Books.

I bet, more buyers of Chromebooks will care more about the ability to download and install apps, games, movies, music, books and other content from the Google Play Store rather than using the Google Chrome Desktop browser which is not seen as fun or useful as an app like Netflix, Hulu, Instagram, Kingsoft Office, or a game like Modern Combat 5, Grand Theft Auto 3 for Android, or Asphalt 8.

If a laptop can run Android apps, using the Chromebook name seems not as descriptive because older Chromebooks can only run the Chrome web browser, web browser add-ons, and themes and plug-ins like Adobe Flash Player for Chrome.

Most Android users also know that smartphones and tablets with Google Play come with the Chrome web browser. I think the Chrome browser is a requirement for installing Google Play Store on devices.
PlayBooks sounds like a nice name, although it doesn't really define them at all because they're not designed to be gaming devices, like the Steam Machines...
PlayBooks sounds like a nice name, although it doesn't really define them at all because they're not designed to be gaming devices, like the Steam Machines...

Some higher quality Android games like Modern Combat 5 work well on newer lowend Chromebooks with Google Play Android app support.

But, you need to use your own game controller, or use a keyboard and mouse button mapping app to make the games work if there currently is no keyboard and mouse support for the game.

I think the Intel Celeron and HD Graphics chips found in most cheaper Chromebooks are faster than most mobile CPU and video chips in Android smartphones or tablets. New Chromebooks now usually have 4GB of RAM unless you buy cheaper $150-200 Chromebooks with only 2GB of RAM. The 4GB of RAM would help Chromebooks run Android games more smoothly.

Most Android games video quality have not improved a lot where you need a very fast mobile CPU and video chip which is faster than an Intel Celeron with Integrated HD graphics which is fast enough to run older PC games like League of Legends.
If they do choose the name "Playbook", I hope Blackberry won't sue them.

BlackBerry PlayBook - Get Started - United States

I think it is unlikely Blackberry will sue Google since Blackberry needs the Google Android OS for their Priv, Dtek, and future Mercury smartphones which use a modified version of Google Android with more security and privacy features.

Blackberry probably wants people to forget about their Playbook tablet which was a failure because it did not sell well, and the app store for the Playbook did not have many good apps. Starting a lawsuit may make people remember Blackberry's failed tablet.

Blackberry's company value will be worth less if Google blocks Blackberry from using Google Android and Google Apps like Gmail, Chrome, YouTube, and the Play store on their phone, and Blackberry is forced to go back to using Blackberry 10 which don't have enough apps, games, and services which make a lot of people want to buy one like an Android or iPhone smartphone. I think the Blackberry app store is gone now, so Blackberry needs to start from the beginning if they want to re-create the app store.

Blackberry 10/BB10 is now discontinued, and it is just kept running for a small percentage of users like government workers, and corporate companies who are still using older Blackberry phones.

Blackberry's CEO and executives may secretly want Google to buy Blackberry for billions of dollars, so he ends up being richer, and can retire with a lot of money and not run Blackberry anymore, so suing Google will ruin both sides relationships, and the hope that Google will buyout Blackberry for many Billions of dollars.