Will strangers forcefully unplug a charging cable from a electric car be a more common problem?

Discussion in 'Gadget & Internet Hub' started by froggyboy604, Feb 11, 2019.

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    Unfortunately, I feel there will be more strangers who forcefully unplugging the charging cables from other people's electric car charging port/plug.

    There maybe some people who are curious and just want to see what it is like to unplug an electric car from the charger, and other people who wants to prank random electric car owners by unplugging their car from the charging cable.

    The charging cable and charger can be worth a lot of money, so some robbers want to steal them to re-sell to a used car parts buyer.

    It is possible to damage the charging port if the port and cable have a locking mechanism, or the stranger pulls very hard on the cable which may damage the port.

    Plus, the owner of the electric car won't have enough electricity in the battery if random strangers keep unplugging the charging cable from the car to stop it from charging.

    There are also some strangers who may use a tool like a knife to purposely damage the charging port by stabbing or hitting the charging port after they remove the charging cable from the port, and have full access to the charging port.
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    Well, to be honest, people tend to misuse stuff a bit too much. It's quite common and we can't do much considering the fact that, it might come out as plain rude.

    I wish there is a solution for this... But unfortunately there isn't much we can do
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    Unfortunately, I feel there is no affordable way for preventing a stranger from pulling out a charging cable as a prank. Hiring a security guard to tell strangers to stop unplugging electric car from the charger could work. But, it only takes a few seconds to unplug some electric cars, or the criminal can use a hammer or other tool to break the plug to steal the charging cable if there is a lock on the cable.

    Electric car owners can sit near their car for many hours and tell people not to touch their car's charging cable until the car is fully charge. But, many car owner don't have many hours to spend to wait for an electric car to charge, and unplug the charger from the electric charger.
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    If left unattended and you got idiots in the area then yeah it will happen.

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