Will the Google Android version of mobile games ever be better than the iPhone version of a game?


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I think when more Google Android users switch to smartphones with 8GB of RAM, a faster CPU, and video chip, and more storage space like 256GB to 1TB of storage, some mobile game makers will make the Android version of their mobile game have more levels, characters, features, better graphics, better DLC/Expansion packs, and HD to 4K cutscene video clips because more Android users have a phone with better specs like more internal storage space, and more RAM.

I think Google Play and other Android app stores like Amazon App Store may care not as much about games in their App store being family friendly, so the Android version of a game may have more realistic violence, and violent themes. I feel Apple iPhone may become more of family friendly and educational theme device in the future. Apple may not allow games with very realistic violence, and violent themes from being publish on their app store, so game makers will need to make their iPhone versions of the games more family friendly.


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Well, it's a possibility.
Nothing is set in stone. So, I am not so sure......but it's certainly a possibility.