Will Video-only Ports like HDMI still exist on Gaming PCs many years in the future?


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I'm not sure if video-only ports like HDMI still exist on Gaming PCs in the future. I feel there is a chance that in many years most newer PC monitors and video cards would use USB-C or other forms of USB ports and cables to connect a Gaming PC to a newer PC monitor.

But, I feel it may take many years for video-only ports like HDMI to be gone from Gaming PCs because there will still be many people with older HDMI monitors.
I hope we could get HDMI ports otherwise we will have to look for converter cables and it's a pain to use them.

I would rather look for PCs with HDMI ports
I feel it maybe okay to release PC's with only USB-C ports for video output in many years if most new monitors also are compatible with USB-C, or the monitor comes with a bundled USB-C to HDMI converter device.

In the past, I wouldn't buy a PCs without VGA video ports, but there are fewer new PC with VGA video ports is now these days. Some new laptops and desktops like Mini PCs which only have HDMI ports for video output.

There are still some PC monitors which still have VGA ports.
Can there really be anything higher than HDMI?
Can there really be anything higher than HDMI?

I think USB-C can output Digital video. LG makes a USB-C LCD monitor designed for the newer Apple Macbook laptops which now only has USB-C ports.

I think once USB-C cables, connectors, and circuit boards become cheaper, USB-C may replace HDMI for most more expensive computers like Apple computers, and Gaming PCs.
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