Windows 10 Upgrade Has Become Mandatory? How to stop it


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There are some reports surfacing lately at how some users of Windows 7 and 8 are being forced to upgrade to windows 10. Later in the report, Microsoft gave an update saying there was a simple mistake which made the upgrade forced, which makes it clear that MS can make you go W10 at anytime they wish.

Now you're wondering if there is any way to stop it, well there isn't as the folder that contains the windows 10 prompt and upgrades will deny you permission to delete it. However, thanks to the lovely Black Angel Black Angel there is a way to make it happen.

First you need to download and install this:

It is a take ownership app that will allow you to gain control of anything on your PC. Following the instructions in the link above, here is how you get to the windows 10 folder:

  • Click start
  • click computer
  • click your main drive (usually this is drive C: )
  • scroll down and click on the Windows folder
  • scroll down and click the system32 folder
  • scroll down till you find the GWX folder, this contains the W10 items.
  • right click it and select the take ownership option which gives you permission over the folder.
  • Make sure the GWX folder isn't open in anyway, you may need to go to the task manger and check the processes tab to ensure that GWX isn't in use. If it is in use, make sure you kill the process.
  • Once you confirm it isn't in use, right click the GWX folder and then delete it and will remove the windows 10 upgrade prompt from your system and hopefully any future forced upgrade.

At this time, a reboot and a windows update check hasn't restored the file. Now that is gone, you will need to follow a few more steps which are all outlined here:

which will remove the $WINDOWS.~BT file from your PC along with windows update KB3035583 and another update KB *OS version pending* Once you have both KB updates remove, do a windows 10 update check and they will appear on your list again to be reinstalled, right click both and choose hide to keep them from being installed on your machine again.

Let us know how it works for you.
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Sounds good, didn't know they were forcing it on people. Windows 10 is good though so there isn't much reason not to upgrade.