Would a 1 console system ever work between Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony?


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What I mean by that is a console is developed on the level of a strong gaming PC, and would have 1st party games developed by the big 3. Imagine having Halo, The Last of Us and Mario legally all on one console. In 50 years, if video games are still a thing, I honestly believe we would get a 1 console system that everyone can throw their games on. As the technology evolves, it's going to get more expensive to produce and the gaming sphere simply won't be able to have 3 main consoles in it any longer.
Maybe with Microsoft, but probably Nintendo and Sony wouldn't agree with the plan, especially with the evil Nintendo Lawyers doing their thing on Nintendo's IPs lol Evil Nintendo Lawyers would DMCA Microsoft and/or Sony and fine them lol
In the future when everything is digital and people can only afford or get limited to one system to own like in some dystopian society. In the reality we have now, I would like to buy consoles I would like to use and I'm okay with having more than one.
I think it can be possible for a one console system to work if Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo can come up with a good deal on how to fairly split profits from selling game hardware and game software.