Would you buy expensive Wired Ethernet Internet/networking cables?

Discussion in 'Gadget & Internet Hub' started by froggyboy604, May 3, 2016.

  1. froggyboy604

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    I usually just use the Ethernet networking /internet cables which came bundled with my computer, router, internet service provider, etc.

    I used the cheaper brands of networking cable work pretty good for me.

    But, If I needed a longer cable, or plan to unplug, and re-plug the cable in a lot, I would spend a few extra dollars for a Ethernet cable with a more durable plug, and a cable which is shielded from electrical interference, so there is less electrical interference from other wires and cables.

    If I subscribe to Gigabit internet like Google Fiber, I would replace some of my network cables to a newer kind of cable which is designed for Gigabit 1-10 GBps internet bandwidth speeds.
  2. Demon_Skeith

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    This is kind like HDMI, you really don't need to pay more for decent cables.

    Also I learned at college how to make mine own, so I could just make my own cables for pennies.
  3. Claraviolet

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    Well, if they can guarantee faster internet speed with reasonable price....then I would certainly consider them.
    If they are very expensive...my answer would be a no.
  4. NameGervin

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    If only it's worth it but having an average plan, I don't think so.

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