Would you pick a Smartphone with 1 GB of RAM or a PC with 1 GB of RAM to use a web browser program ?


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I would choose to use a Linux PC with 1GB of RAM to browse the web with a web browser because there are more choices in lightweight operating systems like PuppyLinux and web browsers like Midori, Webs/Epiphany which are designed to browse the web on a computer with 1GB of RAM or less.

I used to use an older Lubuntu Linux computer with 1GB of RAM, Dual-Core 1.9GHz Intel CPU, and Nvidia GT 620 video card to browse the web. The PC ran web browsers like Midori, Firefox, Maxthon, and Epiphany pretty fast.

The Wired Ethernet connection I use to connect my PC to the internet is more reliable than Wi-Fi in my experience.

I like PC because it has faster multi-core CPUs like AMD, and Intel CPUs unlike mobile CPU on smartphones which are slower to save battery life, and make it run cooler because there is no active cooling on a smartphone.

I can also upgrade to a faster video card for better performance because some web browsers like Firefox and Chrome uses a PC's video card to help load a website faster by using the processor on the video card installed on your PC. Online videos also should play smoother with a better video card like a Nvidia GTX 750.

Upgrading to a faster SSD Storage drive may also increase the performance of a PC when browsing the web because most Desktop Operating System uses the storage drive as virtual RAM when there is enough physical RAM.

I also prefer the bigger monitor size, and louder speakers which I can use to browse websites on a 19 inch monitor, and use louder speakers to listen to music on websites.

Smartphones with 1GB of RAM are also usually pretty slow at web browsing except for a few smartphones like the iPhone 6 which performs well with 1GB of RAM.
The phone since all I really use is the music app.