You Can Now Google Hangouts Video Call People With No Google Account


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Today Google announced that Hangouts is receiving a new update which eliminates the need for the other party to have a Google account if you’re making a video call. It was previously possible to add people to Hangouts by calling their phone but the process is much more simple now with this new update.

This actually works with both audio and video calls, Hangouts users can invite the other party to participate in the call by just sending them a link, they simply click on that link to join the video or voice call without having to create a Google account. It works instantly, no need for filling in forms or making an account first.

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This looks like a nice feature for Hangouts. But, I imagine this can some trolling problems if the link gets shared too many times with strangers if the person you are video chatting with shares the link on a forum, blog, or social network with a lot of people on it.

Hopefully, there will be some moderation features to prevent anyone with the chat link to join your chat.

This kind of solves the issue of Skype not being available on a Chromebook. Chromebook users now can use the web browser version of Skype, and send a Google Hangout link to their Skype friends to chat on Hangout.
Cool, although in this day and age who doesn't have a google account? Still it's true you're not always in the position to be logged in so seems like a good addition.
Sounds fun and is a bit risky I guess, but as long as they make it so that you have to send the link to someones email I don't think it will be a problem :grin:
I think a regular chat room which allows guest chat which is hosted on a website or IRC server may offer a similar experience like Google Hangouts guest chat. I think with some chatrooms both users won't need an account, and just need to visit a website, or use a server.

People can use a cell phone to text the website or IRC chat address of the chat room to start chatting.

Some chat room software allow the owner of the chat to make certain members become moderators and admins to kick out the trolls, spammers, and undesirable chatters.
I wonder why google is abandoning the use of their account requirement?