Your iPhone Has Been Compromised(FaceTime Privacy Bug)


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Apple is under fire after a significant bug was discovered in FaceTime.

Hopefully, there won't be as many iPhone security problems with Facetime in the future.

I think it is a good time to buy a iPhone protective case with a screen cover/door to cover the front camera when you are not using your phone, and also plug in a wired headset mic where you can turn off the mic with a switch on the audio cable when you don't need to use the mic.

I wonder if regular non-smart cell phone without cameras will become popular with privacy concerned users who care a lot about their privacy because users don't have to worry about an App like Facetime causing privacy problems because of a privacy bug in an app.

I feel Blackberry maybe slightly more popular now if they did not discontinue Blackberry OS/BB OS because there are still some people who care a lot about their Privacy and Security, and BB OS is most well known for being secure.
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