YouTube Expands Game Streaming To Mobile Devices


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YouTube updated its YouTube Gaming app to incorporate mobile game streaming and recording for use with Android devices.

YouTube Gaming debuted in June, giving game streamers a viable outlet to host their content and enabling Android and iOS users to watch their favorite streamers from their mobile devices. Previously, the app only enabled mobile users to view, favorite and chat with ongoing livestreams, but the latest update provides livestreaming support directly from your smartphone while you're playing your favorite mobile games.

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I bet, there would be more mobile games live streams, and pre-recorded games on YouTube in the future because of this new new feature on the YouTube App which is on most Android devices.

I wonder could having too many mobile games videos on YouTube make YouTube worse by having a lot of mobile gamers uploading mobile game videos to YouTube making it harder to find videos related to console and PC games. A lot of mobile games have titles which are similar to console, and PC game titles which can make using the YouTube search engine less reliable at finding PC and console game videos.