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You knew this was coming, now it is here. Google has announced that they are making a subscription for their youtube service called Youtube Red.

It will provide ad-free streaming for $9.99 USD a month, same as Netflix's standard HD streaming plan. In addition the service will also enable subscribers to save videos and watch them offline via their smart device with a new app called YouTube Music.

YouTube Red subscription is set to go live next Wednesday, October 28th 2015 in the United States. With plans to expand the service to other territories in the coming year and YouTube will be offering a one-month trial on launch day for anyone wanting to try it out.
I feel this is not really a good deal, and there should be cheaper plans like $5 for people who just want to turn off ads. But, don't need the other features like offline video downloads, and paid shows.

If you subscribe to a internet service plan with low datacaps like 10GB of bandwidth a month, use slower internet connection like dial-up, slower DSL, and you mostly use your smartphone data plan to watch many YouTube video, paying the $9 a month for YouTube Red maybe useful since those video ads can use a lot of bandwidth. Plus, bandwidth overage fees can cost a lot sometimes when you go over your monthly limit.
Average Joe could just install an Ad block plugin and use a tool to download YouTube videos tho >.<
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I don't like the idea nor the name. :p
The exvlusive content will make it or break it. Adverts and downloads are not enough incentive.
I agree with Kaynil. Why YouTube Red? Why the "red"? Personally, I think it should be YouTube White, because people usually see red when they are annoyed, and ads are considered annoying, so if this program removes the ads, it should be called YouTube White.

Personally, I don't want enough YouTube videos as to be bothered by a few ads (or 5 seconds video ads that play before the videos)... $9.99 per month may be a small sum for Americans, but for many poor countries, it's quite expensive...
I am not much of a youtube fan but this certainly does sound interesting.