Special Only rare cases can get these Awards!
Happy Birthday
It's your birthday today? Happy Birthday!
Total awarded: 29
Site King
Current ruler and owner of GL gets this award!
Total awarded: 1
Full Gamer
Congrats! You made enough posts to be a full gamer, a full welcome member of GL!
Total awarded: 142
You're Rich
You got 100,000 GL Credits laying around? Well spend it on this award!
Total awarded: 4
Best Comment Award
Someone agreed your post was the best!
Total awarded: 1
1,000,000th post in "Count to 1,000,000"
AMAZING!!! YOU HAVE MADE THE 1 MILLIONTH POST IN THE "COUNT TO 1,000,000" TOPIC!!!! KUDOS TO YOU! (Note: Image is a placeholder)
Total awarded: 0
Grand Lottery winner!
You won the grand prize in the lottery! Are you some sort of psychic? (Note: Image is a placeholder)
Total awarded: 0
Lottery winner!
Congratulations! You won the lottery! I hope you enjoy those credits! (Note: You cannot get this award if you win 10th, 9th or 8th prize!) (Note: Image is a placeholder)
Total awarded: 1