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    GL Update 6/1

    Yay huge update, love the new font and somethings seems gets bigger :P
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    Post your current money amount

    $12,687 here :P
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    Recommend me shows that is NORMAL

    Not really into anime at this moment :P
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    General Gaming Latest Chat

    This was posted yesterday (cus flag day) just wanna share here :P Maybe I have a japanese blood xD
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    Recommend me shows that is NORMAL

    So I tried watching a Netflix original series... specifically Sex Education :P I got really curious on it plainly I am only expecting old school jokes, romance and such. But Sex Education goes beyond highly my expectation. It tackles alot of issues in society. It kind of reminds me the anime of...
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    Spice & Wolf

    While most other anime that wont have another season is because lack of fund/bankruptcy of studios, the case of Spice and Wolf is it didnt make it target book sale.
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    Spice & Wolf

    Theres only few of this kind of anime, I wish they make more anime like this xD But sadly no hope for another season, the light novel is complete tho. :P (I remember the time when this anime got so hyped almost everyone that I know in mmo games wants to be 'Merchant' lmao good ol days)
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    Movie Marathon - World War II

    So I got this idea when people watch all the movies of avengers and marvel heroes before watching the infinity war and also on the end game. So asked myself why not watch all world war 2 movies and at the same time learn :P Since we don't study this area of history in school. Anyway what...
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    TECHWEAR Techwear is a rising fashion trend that primarily aims on garment's functionality instead of aesthetic (but this is on fire lol). Many says it was inspired by the game watchdogs. Try googling 'techwear' and see alot of styles that resembles aiden :P What can you say about this? Does...
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    last movie you saw?

    Time Traveller: The girl who leapt through time
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    Other The Rise Of Old Gamers

    wow it's amazing that they are on esport :)
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    Isn't this cute, Detective Pikachu?

    Had to watch it 3,201 times before seeing a shiny pikachu :P
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    Smurfs in game

    I learned about Smurf in league :) Also there are 'Pilots' referring to people who play on their friends low elo account to 'boost' their elo/rank.
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    Smurfs in game

    "Smurf" (noun) is used to refer to an experienced player who creates a new account for the purposes of being matched against inexperienced players for easy wins. They make accounts maybe because their original accounts have been banned or lost. But most of the time they help their friends to...
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    League of Legends Devs Walk Out

    Riot want the world to think that their workplace is healthy but in truth it's the opposite.